So much things are on my mind right now from the kind of food I need to have, how will i gain weight, the new clothes I need to get, the perfect jewelry I want to start wearing, how I want my room to look, etc.

I know it’s kinda shallow, and of course my final exam again for this semester. So many different things going on in my mind and it  begins to overwhelm me. When I get overwhelmed I’m completely useless. I just sit around lost in my thoughts doing nothing.




 How do I break this? By doing the simple things that I love, like watching movies. I adore movies, watching movies is something that really puts me in my happy place. I don’t know what it is about movies that makes me so happy and gets me so relaxed. The other night, I watched all of the Harry Potter movies. I watched every movie and of course it relaxed me. I actually got some homework done which is great because I’m a big procrastinator. So, to the simple things in life that makes us happy (holds imaginary glass up). Cheers!




top: Warehouse | skirt: custom made | accessories: bazaar finds

What do you think about my skirt here? this skirt used to be an old uniform and my brother altered it and made it to this one. I don’t actually know how would you call it but one thing is sure! I love how it turned out!  Happy kid here!


until next time…





14 thoughts on “Inconstant

  1. I feel that you and I are living parallel lives right now…I am spinning in my own thoughts at work and feel like I am not getting anything done. I turn to yoga whenever I get too overwhelmed 😃 anyways, I love the skirt…what a unique and creative way to repurpose a uniform! xo

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