Good Morning!


It’s Monday morning here in the Philippines and I don’t have a morning class. All of my school projects and assignments are done now which gave me the permission and time to blog. yay! Do you know that feeling when you woke up early in the morning and worry free because you already made all your duties and finished all your work on time? That’s what I’m feeling now, I have this kind of bit OC thing when it comes to planning on things, I dunno.. I always have my TO DO LIST with me, I love to-do a lists, ask anyone I know at any given opportunity I will write a list. If i know i have a lot of things to do one day, the night before i’ll write a list. I have a list of all the work i need to do for school, as well as a ‘to-do’ list on my computer of all the things that i want to achieve / own in my life time, some would say i’m a bit of an organisational crazy person however i’m committed to turning as many people as i can to a life of organized bliss, and to-do lists are a great place to start! so here are some of the reasons i think you should start making to-do lists and some of the benefits they can bring to your life. They have been helpful to me and I’m sharing it to you guys hoping that they will be helpful to you also, in any kind of way.

it gets your thoughts straight:

to do lists don’t always have to be about getting stuff done. sometimes i find that if i have a lot of stuff floating around in my head that writing everything done in a huge list can really get things straight and help get things in perspective for me. it makes me see what’s important and what’s probably not, and then if there are things i need to do about those things then i can see how to approach it all. sometimes it just helps to visualize it.

it makes your problems feel smaller:

sometimes you can feel you have a horrible amount of stuff to do, but writing a to do list can really help get things done a lot more efficiently than you might do if you didn’t write it down.

it’s an easy way to keep records of things:

like i said before, i have a constant list of school work i need to do. i have it pegged above my desk and it’s a really effective way of making sure i don’t forget work. as soon as i get set some reading i’ll write it up and then i can see exactly what i have to do.

they make you feel like you have accomplished something:

by having a visual record of everything you need to do it makes sure you know exactly what needs to be done. but possibly the best part of writing to do lists: being able to scribble items out once you’ve completed them. it feels great to prove to yourself that you are getting things done.

i hope this has given you a few ideas of how to do lists can help you, because i super love them!

Hope you will have a great and good weekdays ahead, enjoy! i’m now off to take my morning coffee. 😉



4 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. Great post and tips. My mind has been running on overtime with work and had to write a list a few times to help me feel organized and that the challenge is manageable. Have a great week!

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