Out of the box


“Out of the box” as it says in my title. Well yea? before, this kind of ensemble is something you will never caught me wearing in public or safe to say…  it’s not really my kind of style, for some reasons which are?

  • It’s SEXY. I live in the province and try revealing some skin in your outfit/clothes and you are already a subject for “gossips” haha. Talk about small town plagues.
  •  I’m not really that confident in myself when it comes to clothes that are ostentatious.


  • I don’t like my body type, i have many issues about it and I always get worried about how will it look to me or how do I look  on it, and I think I’m too skinny to wear clothes that are showing some skin.



but… that was BEFORE, when I started reading some fashion blogs and browsing magazines, I got inspired and it made me realized so many things like, don’t focus yourself always on something that will hold you or will limit you into something more exciting, and that there are more things  that are yet to be explored.


and only waiting for you to discover or un-box them, so I tried stepping out of the box gradually until when it came to the point that all of my BUT’S and IF’S are no longer holding me back which helped me and transformed me being the girl that I am now.



Fearless and Confident.

I stopped worrying on things that will only give me fears, I focused on what is positive, I open my mind, and appreciated what I have, I felt good after it and it gave me super confidence that I can no longer hold on( kidding ) haha, but seriously.. it gave me enough confidence that is enough to back me up in my everyday life. And I don’t regret it!



If you are looking for permission to try out a new style or something that you don’t usually do… consider this your permission! DO IT! So always explore out of the box, don’t be a prisoner of yourself, dress the way you want, and don’t think what others will think, so what? every people have their own understanding on things generally, and they will  always say anything anyway. 😉

snap back: bazaar | maxi skirt: P. Square | sando top: Adidas

HYPE this look here Out of the boxpage



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