Call of a duty


You might think that I already neglected my blogger duties for I have not been updating my blog and posting blog topics for the past few days. Well? No, I have been really busy recently due to my responsibility as a student which is to? STUDY well. πŸ™‚



So to catch things up for the days that I’ve missed and to start the week right? Here’s an outfit post for all of you my dear readers, I will try my best to balance things out and update my blog as often. Thank you for always being there even if sometimes I get really shock for the comments and the views that I am receiving. Thank you from the bottom of my cute heart. hihihi πŸ˜‰



Hope you’ll like it all!:) ENJOY!





laced top: JLU JLU | bottoms: Bazaar | watch: Guess | heels: Kvoll


HYPE this look hereΒ Call of a duty


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