Baby! It’s cold outside!

CIMG5561A sweater weather look since it’s been cold lately here in the Philippines knowing it’s bipolar weather. December to January are considered to be the coldest months. With the temperatures going down, sweaters of all kinds are coming out in full force.



CIMG5550 Which gave me the chance to wear this sweater I recently bought in Baisu Affordable Trendy Sia’p. ( you can add their Facebook page or check the owners Facebook account here Owner for more items.) I love some sweaters, and even more so, sweater weather.




There’s nothing quite like the warm and wonderful feeling of a cozy sweater on a cold day. It’s like having your favorite blanket wrapped around you while you go about your day. Who doesn’t love that??


shades: no brand | earrings: Avon


sweater: Baisu Trendy Sia’p | leggings: seductions | heels: Arsenal | bag: Victoria’s Secret

What do you think? 😉



2 thoughts on “Baby! It’s cold outside!

  1. Cute sweater! I normally try to limit the number of things I have with words or sayings on it, but this one would pass my filter for sure! Also, I will be more than happy to trade the US’ winter for your winter right now 😀

    • Thank you! The first time I saw this sweater I know Ihave to get it! lol. We don’t really have a winter season here, but how I wish I could experience your winter season there too. Maybe soooooon! 😉

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