In retrospect, two zero one three.

In continuation of my post holiday post, this is the part 2! Welcoming 2014.

2013 was a great and memorable year for me, many new experiences, lessons, and stepping out of comfort zones. I started a blog that never crossed my mind and never thought I would before, committing a handful mistakes and learning from these mistakes. And I started schooling again after years of resting and getting better because of my condition.

2013 Highlights:

1.) It was this year when i started my humble blog.


2.) I went back to college after being sick for long years.


3.) I tried uploading my looks in and I was happy because it was featured.


4.) I decided to cut my hair after 3 long years.


5.) I had the best memorable birthday ever!

317837_222406767890204_1926027458_n d

6.) Travels

792396_508110592609673_1902345891_o page

and others I can’t remember already…



Attended a Christian Mass with friends ( we do this annually) every New Years Eve.


and welcoming 2014 with my family. 🙂

It was a year of aspiring to be better, of pursuing goals and of being wiser.

A big thank you also to all of my readers, both new and old, who continually support me, take time to read my posts and leave the sweetest comments — you are all awesome!

It’s a new page again in our own book, so be sure to write a good one!

Two zero one three, you were pretty great but I reckon Two zero one four will be even greater. Here’s to a new year of loving more and of being healthy, more inspired, and happier!

Happy New Year, everyone!



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