Merry Christmas!


Hello! Shouldn’t really be posting this but… hey, our friends here are asking for my wish this Christmas season. Got no wishes actually.. Just a couple of words for the souls around me.

1st of, I want to thank all the people who has been there to guide, help, and support me through my hard times. The people who inspired me, and the people who challenged me. 2nd of which, want to thank my brave heart.


Kinda made really tough decisions that really molded me into a stronger one. Lost and found myself this year. Money, love, and aspirations came to me. Some have stayed, some have left.

CIMG4791And lastly, God. Nuff said, you’ve been there. Watching how I deal with life. The dirt and shit. The goodness and your blessings. Nevertheless, you’ll always be my first and last stop. And hey, you’ll be my only companion this Christmas eve.. So, talk to you in a while  and to your son.. Greet him a ‘happy birthday’ for me.


To all, thank you and to end it all.. Merry merry Christmas




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