so old, so new…

aCIMG4639Time flies so fast, It’s been exactly 11 days since I last blogged and I wanna apologize for the hiatus! It just so happened that I do have so many school works that needs to be finished on time. So technically, this is my first look post for December! 

aCIMG4604aCIMG4607.jpg1aCIMG46041Don’t you guys love it that not only photos are being “throwback” these days but also fashion? Yay! The outfit I’m wearing here is actually from my mom! I rummaged her old closet and found this pair and some good items that are still wearable and “so-in” in fashion world right now. I was totally in shock and of course, HAPPY! I don’t need to buy this kind of dress that I’ve been seeing from other bloggers lately.aCIMG4632aCIMG4606aCIMG4633

I just had it altered so that it would fit on me. It just reminded me of how cyclical fashion is. I don’t see anything wrong with wearing this dress today. Don’t you just love that about fashion? aCIMG4605mid-riff dress: Mom’s closet | bag: from local boutique | accessories: bazaar find
aCIMG4613ring: a gift from sister | heels: thrifted

so… what are you waiting for? go check your mother closet! you may find something unique and pretty cool items that you can wear today! HAPPY HUNTING! 🙂

Don’t forget to hype this look here so old, so new…page


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