CIMG4054Plaid is the type of thing that never really goes out of style, but you’ll notice that it is popping up a lot more recently than usual. Whether it is a plaid blazer, pants, skirts, or shorts.

CIMG4055CIMG4053CIMG4041CIMG4047CIMG4056CIMG4046CIMG4051You can see fashionistas everywhere using it. If you’re a 90s girl, every time you see something like this plaid thing, it brings you back to your childhood. The funny thing about fashion is that, every few decades, trends start to recirculate and make their way back into the scene.

top: Mango | shorts: American Eagle | accessories: bazaar finds | watch: guess

HYPE this look here Plaidpage1APRIL.x


8 thoughts on “Plaid

  1. Plaid looks great on you! I love your wedges, very cool! Great look.
    I agree with you about trend, they always seem to recycle themselves. But I kinda like that 🙂
    Thanks for the kind words on my blog!
    xo, Jackie

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