help Philippines

Recently, a super typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan), considered one of the strongest typhoons in the planet, did not leave our country Philippines without causing heartbreaks and pains to most of our Filipino countrymen. Thousands of lives were lost, million-peso properties were destroyed.000_Hkg9175558 1384065782000-EPA-PHILIPPINES-SUPER-TYPHOON-HAIYAN-001 Sta-Fe-Bantayan-Island-Yolanda-20121109 Typhoon-Yolanda-Photo-1 Typhoon-Yolanda-Photo-3-Abs-CbnTyphoon-Yolanda-Photo-10-InquirerIt really breaks my heart to see these images. 😦 Much as we wanna believe that nothing can break the Filipino spirit, our hearts remain vulnerable to pain, and these scenes, captured by the lenses of our fellows who are in the area, are definitely heartbreaking.

Don’t miss out the chance to do something useful with our social networks. Get your friends to donate and ask them to do so responsibly. Spread the word about the tragedy in the Philippines. Let your Twitter profile be a beacon of hope.

1452220_664442996909820_233504610_nBYuy66jCAAAJaO8 BYw8M2sCQAAS3Eo#helpPhilippines

PS: I do not own the photos



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