catsSemestral break is always been the most awaited days of every student whether you’re in college or high school right? hehe, for us student “Vacation Day!” is the phrase that comes in our mind. lol Well for me, sem-break means… more chance for outfit shoots and blogging! lol. And of course, more chance for a quality family time and of course REST! Here’s a photo diary on what I did during my sembreak. 😀PicMonkey CollageI just stayed at home busy watching horror and thriller movies with my cousins and my brother.. perfect time since it’s Halloween and raining! And went out once in a while with my friends and family. CIMG4031

PicMonkey Collage1SAM_67431391870_658700067496643_1240059975_n pageI’m a home buddy. I don’t really like going outside unless someone will invite me, and yes someone invited me! lol. I went to a birthday and went to the city with a friend. So sad no HALLOWEEN PARTY 😦CIMG3867Photo-0191the whole semestral break was fine, just fine. Nothing really special, the good thing about it was I was able to get a rest. It was indeed a staycation. SAM_6229how about you? how did you spend your semestral break?



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