CIMG3966As the saying goes, a woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes, making the most important tip probably is to always be comfortable in whatever you are wearing. CIMG3971Looking sexy does not only involves showing legs and cleavage, it also involves knowing what to bare and what to keep under wraps. So this is what I wore when I went to the park after attending the mass with my brother. I was thinking of wearing a black pants but I saw this maxi skirt in my closet that I never use even once, haha. CIMG3968CIMG3967I was surprised that I have something like this in my closet, i totally forgot it. >.< so I immediately changed my plan. I love the sheer effect of the skirt, not to bare and sexy. It’s like leaving something for imagination. So what do you think?

CIMG3972CIMG3969CIMG39661CIMG3970top: Forever 21 | watch: Guess | maxi skirt: M+E+P | clutch: from HKpagehype this look in Lookbook and Chictopia. 🙂 Thaanks!


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