bluer than blue..

CIMG3915 CIMG3916 (2)I got addicted to color “blue” lately and I’ve been wearing clothes that has a blue shade on it. I don’t know why.. Specially with deep shades like a royal blue or the color of the short that I’m wearing on the photo above. CIMG3914 (2)CIMG3939the short was originally from my nephew, haha. Since he’s not using it anymore I asked it from him and he gave it to me. lol so.. I will definitely include it to my style essentials. You can easily pair it with light colors, you can never go wrong on it. Fashion can be funny sometimes, right? 😀CIMG3933CIMG3929I choose to pair it white top because? you can never go wrong with white. Then paired it with my spiked heel-less shoe I got from Tonic at The Ramp Trinoma.CIMG3925top: Forever 21 | shorts: no brand | bag: Victoria’s Secret | shades: RayBanCIMG3921CIMG3926spiked heel-less shoes: Tonic shoes | Accessories: Bazaar finds CIMG3917 I know wearing a spiked heels is can be really awkward to wear because some people will be like “what’s that?” 😀 but hey? I don’t care, I love attentions! and when it comes to fashion, sometimes you just have to be a risk taker. You just have to embrace your individuality and be who you are. Incorporate aspects about your personality with your fashion, and The best fashion secret is one where you are feeling great both on the inside and out. So what do you think? 🙂

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6 thoughts on “bluer than blue..

  1. Wow you look amazing, what a figure! I’m too shy to wear outfits like that but you look hot! I LOVE the jewllery! Could you take a look at my blog and let me know what you think of any of the outfits? I’d love to read your input!

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