the girl in that neon bag..

980941_518310471589685_19480039_o1294355_518310121589720_1599540391_oBlack and white will always be my favorite color to match in, they never go out of style, and will always look classy. They’re like Ying and Yang when it comes to colors.Β 793759_518309611589771_1123502737_ocatsJust use accessories to give your look some attitude such as a neon bag and statement necklace like the one I’m using which will give off a total glam vibe in your ensemble778641_518310448256354_1394700087_olaced top: jlu-jlu | necklace: Bella | Cuff: Fashion Jewelry856563_518310804922985_1199628125_oneon bag: Mix and Style | skirt: Playboy | spiked heels: Kvoll

by the way, what do you think of my hair? I styled it and made it short because I’m experimenting on what hair style will suit me. I’m tired of my long hair already -_- So? Do I look good on it? what do you think? you’re free to give comments! πŸ˜›page

hype this look on by clicking this link The girl in that neon bag..

april xoxo


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