when in doubt, dress up

I’m back readers! sorry, been busy lately at school.. We had our exam so I need to study all my lessons. πŸ˜€ So, what’s up? hehe. Anyways, another outfit post.. as always. lol. Β I wore this outfit when I went to school yesterday, I actually don’t have any idea on what outfit should I wear that’s why I thought of “when in doubt, dress up” that’s why I came up wearing this.1146941_491041827649883_1703674632_ol1097739_491041837649882_991002210_o1082544_491042244316508_289100650_oWear what you wear because you like it, not to impress other people. The only time you should conform is when the occasion demands it. right?1150605_491042440983155_1007939893_o1167087_491041967649869_1874061077_o1172448_491042034316529_562521677_oWhether plain or adorned with a subtle pattern, a pair of black pumps adds polish to any outfit. I do love this black pumps I purchased weeks ago. It screams simplicity and classy! and according to Christian Loboutin.. “To feel like a woman, wear heels, to feel like a goddess, wear five inches”
1119919_491042387649827_559344043_o1091119_491042037649862_2003648446_oΒ And being well-dressed is a beautiful form of politeness.
White Top: Warehouse | Eyewear: Rayban | Accessories: Aldo1097156_491042120983187_618910392_o1147486_491042407649825_39166450_oAnimal Print Leggings: Bazaar | Bag: Michael Korrs | Heels: Gibi

Strong women wear their pain like stilettos, no matter how much it hurts all you see is the beauty of it.



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