Print Master

My brother and his best friend invited me to go out and have some snacks near the park here in our place because they are hungry. Lol. Since I don’t have anything to do and I am hungry as well, I decided to join them and feed my stomach. Besides? who doesn’t like a treat?! πŸ˜€

1052372_469897566430976_2117239364_oSo I immediately went to my closet and decided to wear this colorful printed dhoti like pants and my new purchased shoes that I got from a thrift shop in a cheap price! yaaaaay!1025507_469897823097617_1144458491_oaa1052312_469898156430917_1609846328_o1048689_469898169764249_475991120_o1039857_469898376430895_151249168_oWell, It’s about time to graduate from humdrum motifs to give way to fashion’s renewed hunger for prints. Flowers are blooming and colored prints are popping! You can inject any of these festive prints to your daily neutrals which can totally transports us to a time of festivals and island summers. The burst of colors from this outfit can brings any wardrobe to life.


[ Top: Forever21, Printed Pants: Mango ]

[ Accesories: Bazaar, Shoes:Β Hermes Thrifted ]

Don’t forget to hype this look by clicking this link Print Masterpage1

so? what do you think? πŸ™‚




2 thoughts on “Print Master

    • Hi!!! πŸ˜€ thank you. Yea, thrift shops are one of the best place for unique items, and the cheap price also is the best of them all! thanks for dropping.

      yea sure! i love giveaways.;) bless you!

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