Code Blue.

If there is something that is constant in life, it is our steady need for change. This is particularly obvious for women, who obsessively leaf through fashion magazines, read blogs for inspiration and information on how to get the latest looks and where to shop. Ever wonder why you wake up earlier to do your make up, plan your outfit? It is not vanity, but more the desire for self-improvement and well being.

1025967_467994726621260_441854776_o (1)For the same reason, we push ourselves to go to the gym even when we don’t feel like it, or challenge ourselves to read a book a month or master a new recipe. We all want to be the best versions of ourselves as we possibly can.


I wore this outfit during our car blessing at Piat, Cagayan. I personally love the bare back because of it’s classy kind of sexiness as opposed to low plunge tops or high hemmed skirts, ultra chic- the epitome of a modern woman!


One of the easiest ways to update your look is invest clothes that are usually basic like this H&M jeans I’m wearing. You can pair up with any colored top you want. Very easy specially that women sometimes find it difficult to decide what they want to wear, to pair up or look like on any given day.


She may go through many different outfits before figuring out what she wants to wear that day to create a mood that will carry on as she goes about her daily tasks. The trick is? find the perfect outfit that you will be comfortable at, with a bit edge of style, that will make you more fun loving and carefree.

Don’t forget to hype this look by clicking this link Code Blue


Top: Fashionistas Corner, Shoes:Tonic BagShoes,

Jeans: Seductions by H&M, Accessories: Bazaar, Bag: Vintage

Thank you for reading! 🙂





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