Hi guys? how have you been doing? 🙂 I’am very sorry if it took time for me to update my blog. Because you know? many things to do and I’m baack to schoooool!!! Yaay!:D After so many long years, finally! I will be able to continue my studies and hopefully? will graduate soon with a bachelor’s degree in my bag! For those who didn’t know the story why I have to quit schooling 5 years ago.. Well, I didn’t have a choice, even though I don’t want to quit school that time? I just don’t have really a choice. It’s my doctor’s advice and my family as well and I have to follow or obey it. I know they’re just thinking what’s good and best for me. I got sick, really sick that it took years for me to recover. I had Congenital heart disease called COA ( Coarctation of Aorta) and after so many years of rest and medications, I can say that I am now very very very WELL! That’s why? I decided to go back to school! Even though mostly of my batch mates graduated college already, It’s okay, and besides? Education limits no age. It can be your best-friend, If you are educated? you are respected everywhere and education beats the beauty and the youth. I just have to be extra careful and avoid some extraneous activities. And that’s one of the reasons why I am so thin. 😀 Okay, since I’m back for studying, the past few days has been really busy that I don’t even have any time to open my computer and I don’t know how to balance my time. 😦 haha. But? I’ll try as much as possible to blog if my time permits me. 🙂

aOkay, for my outfit post? this is what I wore during my first day! I just want everything to be comfortable and simple and I wanted to create an impression, that’s why I picked this items as my first day of school look!
1009338_462585453828854_349410087_o1015578_462585687162164_639888456_o705229_462585197162213_693315679_o1015769_462585327162200_1453342233_oPlain white tee can never go wrong. It’s one of those basic fashion pieces that can be paired with anything, even if it’s a jeans, shorts or skirts. And white simple shirt will go a long way in your wardrobe.

[ Top: Warehouse, Denim Jeans: Penshoppe, Chain Vests: Bazaar, Bag: LV hk ]


Hype this look by clicking this link Schooool! 🙂 thanks.

So? what did you guys wear in your first day at school?




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