Exciting, thrilling, and most of all — inspiring. These are words that best describes my mood when I did this outfit shoot. I don’t know why, I just felt it that way. Maybe I was motivated by my fashion philosophies that I always apply whenever I dress up. So if ever you don’t have that enough confidence whenever you dress up? Maybe my fashion tips will help you in a way.6463_459966974090702_1119317340_n1

  • Less is more. Look clean and simple with minimal details and streamlined cuts.945276_459967544090645_1776594268_n
  • Always look fresh. Strive to look mabango (fragrant) and neat everytime you go out.7438_459967250757341_148881736_n
  • Change your look from time to time. Inject a bit of your personality and trends to add life to your wardrobe.

and lastly…600534_459967340757332_1358637728_n

  • Dress for the occasion. No matter how wonderful your new beaded dress may look, it just won’t work on a movie date. πŸ˜€

5591_459967214090678_1559579073_nWell, a casual day calls for those go- to pieces that will look good all day, everyday. This is the reason why I love this casual look. You can wear it by just strolling in the Β mall, a walk in the park or even just a fun getaway with friends. These basic day-wear items are the most essential of all essentials you can use at your leisure.


[ Top: Thrifted, Shorts: Aeropostale, Earrings: Bazaar, Rings: Unisilver, Watch: Gift ]

Do hype this look on Lookbook.nu by clicking this link Leisure

pageso? what do you think? do you have any fashion tips also that you can share to me? πŸ™‚ Let me know! πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading.




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