There’s nothing unique about my outfit. It’s actually really simple but I added a twist by adding fuschia pink pieces such as my earring, and my jeggings. Fuschia pink would have to be my favorite color as of the moment. I usually change my favorite color on a monthly basis. (Talk about indecisive) It looks good with absolutely everything especially this earth colored top. I chose to wear bright color to cheer myself up at times like these when summer is too hot that I can’t actually go out.

935864_458657474221652_167542951_n 970156_458657560888310_1231856281_n


[ Top: Caryl, Pink Jeggings: Nautica, Earrings: Bazaar ]

Since I was bored that day, I went out to have some snack with my brother Mac. I just removed my earrings and added a necklace to keep my outfit balance! I know I’m not a food blogger but I just have to blog about this restaurant we tried that day.


971023_457381911015875_1055731928_n9369_457382017682531_550662430_nIt’s called Michelle’s at 2nd floor of Hotel Roma in Tuguegarao City. With the number and variety of new food establishments opening all over the city today has shortened the life span of restaurants; however this restaurant remained withstood years of shifting appetites and gustatory trends. Their food was good somehow but sadly, since it’s a known restaurant, people from the city thought it was expensive to eat there, I’m blogging about it in hopes that more people will try it out so they don’t go out of business esp. if you guys are living from or near Tuguegarao City.


Now, on the true test. TASTE TEST!! 943386_457382571015809_261458759_nSotanghon Guisado: It’s like a Pancit Bihon topped with cabbage, and chicken meat, sliced scrambled egg, and liver. I don’t find it appealing so and though it tastes okay, but I wouldn’t probably order it again. Nothing spectacular.

RATING: 2.3/5

425255_457382374349162_549042140_nBanana Split: Banana topped with scooped three different ice cream flavor, sprinkled with colored chips, and a cherry on top. Well, the kids will like this one. I’m a sucker of ice creams so I enjoyed eating this dessert.


400567_457382531015813_1490432992_nPizza Student Delight: Topped with mushrooms, Red sausages, ham, and cheese. I loved their pizza. My brother almost ate it all. 😀



This is not actually part of the menu, My brother did the plating because he got bored waiting for me to finish my meal. hahah. 😀


Michelle’s was originally a fine dining restaurant, but with the shifting market, it had to adapt and tone down, consequently taking off the white table cloth. As we all know, fine dining, however appealing and attractive, isn’t really affordable for the majority of the hungry population today, especially with the establishment of different fast food and pica-pica stalls everyfckngwhere you go. The restaurant tweaked its menu and lowered its price to serve families and groups, eventually adding a merienda (snack) selection as well.

so? how’s your weekend guys? 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to hype this on by clicking this link Blooming


thanks again! 😀 😀 😀


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