Hot-spot: to infinity and beyond…

Keep the fires of summer stoked and make a getaway with your latest flame. Head on down to Santa Ana and get ready to lose yourself in a tropical paradise.

A 4-hour drive from our hometown Cabagan, Isabela, this wonderful stretch of virginal white sand beach surrounded by majestic limestone formations, mountains and trees.



Nangaramoan Beach of Santa Ana, Cagayan

922107_552423714820503_2024638036_o (1)


Another fine place to rough it out. No rentable hotel like rooms here, my friends. Just little cottages by the sea shore. Bring your tents, your sleeping bags, and everything else you need to survive a night in inhibited Nangaramoan.




We started the road trip at around 4:00 am and reached our destination at half-past 7. But first, we went to the town market to buy some foods to eat because we never had a chance to prepare before we left, on what to bring or so, our trip is so unplanned but I like it that way. haha I just brought clothes and my toiletries which I know are very important for my daily survival! lol Good thing I have friends has been to the place so we never got lost! Are original plan was to go to Anguib Beach Resort but we didn’t push through coz we’ve learned that it was closed for CBS American Survivor taping which will start their taping on May 19! (Sayang!)









977385_552454404817434_561074475_o (1)

Going to Nangaramoan is like going to Pagudpud, according to my friends who has been there, with the long winding road you have to take (about 20 minutes) before you reach the area from the town proper. Thank goodness the road is concrete. How fast things change because those who has been there said that in 2011, it’s the usual bumpy ride in a dusty road. I like the comfort but somehow I missed going to the beach through bumpy and dusty roads pass the mountains. Maybe it’s the sense of adventure that comes with it.






Unlike what people claim, for me Nangaramoan is somewhat no Boracay, instead it’s more like Pagudpud. What sets Nangaramoan apart from the other white-sand beaches I’ve been to is the 200 meter ( i think? ) still water before the surf. It’s like a huge pool that spared by the surf for the people to enjoy and at. You can stay the whole day to experience the high tide for swimming and low tide to collect shells and take pictures with the rock formations. The hills extending on the beach separates Nangaramoan from its neighboring coves, Anguib and Puzo Rubo. At the bottom of the water is a lush land of seaweeds making snorkeling more lovely with the added sight of rich greens.


In Nangaramoan, like what I’ve said earlier, there are no hotels or resorts in the vicinity. To get a legit accommodation, you have to go to the main highway, a few kilometers drive. However, there are cottages by the beach where you can stay for a day or overnight. This particular cottage at the shore we rented costs Php400 and if you want to rent a room where you can change clothes or sleep, you need to add Php600. Tents are also allowed in the place. Oh, and there’s an electricity in the place but expect for cellular phone poor signals! But It’s okay. 😀



This is what I wore later on that night. Excuse my bare face 🙂

[ Top: Local Store BAISU Affordable Trendy SIA’pLaced Leggings: Gift from Aunt. ]






We spent the night eating, telling stories, swimming, roasting marshmallows, loud musics (we brought our own speakers) and tried making bonfire, We also star gazed, and it really felt unreal in a dreamy sort of way – you know, lying on your back, listening to the sounds of the waves as you look at the stars and it looks so close and so fucking 3D (I know, I’m retarded at trying to describe things), something about it just wants to make you cry at all the things you are missing in your life. lol

How to get there:

Sta. Ana beaches are getting popular among beach lovers and backpackers. Now that it was chosen as location for the 27th and 28th season of reality show Survivor. However, it’s not easy getting there with the fact that it’s located at the north-eastern tip of the Philippines Sta. Ana is 4-5 hours away from Tuguegarao City (all depends on the driving). Florida bus lines (terminal in Cubao and Sampaloc) have trips going to Sta. Ana. You may also take broken trips by getting a bus bound to Tuguegarao City. Bus lines bound to Cagayan are Victory Liner, Dalin, Ballesteros Bus Lines, Guardian Angels/Everlasting, Northstar, among others. You can also get to Tuguegarao via air. Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific have daily flights to Tuguegarao. From Tuguegarao, take a bus ride to Sta. Ana.

From Sta. Ana (most probably you’ll be dropped at the town commercial center), you can just ask the locals on how to get transportation going to Nangaramoan. I don’t know the particulars because on our trip, we hired a van and paid a total of Php4000 for the rent and the gas, or check their local fanpage in Facebook by clicking this link. I Love Sta. Ana

Meanwhile, A blog-post will never be complete without an Outfit post! yaaay! 🙂 so here’s what I wore during the vacation.

458840_552448238151384_1023824988_o (1)

919745_552447928151415_1110015504_o (2)



458898_552448311484710_1561606445_o (1)


Halter dress made as top: Guess

Wide leg sheer pants: Local Boutique

Flats: Zanea

Mirrorized wayfarer: Vans

Bag: Louis Vuitton 

And don’t forget to hype this on by clicking this link

Hot-spot: to infinity and beyond…


So, what do you think? thank you for reading guys. 🙂 Till next time again. 🙂

UPDATED: here’s another blog-post also feat. my second trip to Santa Ana. months after my first visit. You can check it out here.. Just click the links Sta. Ana 1 and Sta. Ana 2! 🙂




Photos: © jsarangay and Mark Reynan Nunez,

Post Processing: Allan Banes Sarangay and Mark Reynan Nunez.


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