I love this life.. Manila Trip; pre- birthday celebration.

Being able to explore things in the world, I’ve noticed one thing about girls. Most of them likes, I mean loves fashion and shopping. 😀 Seldom do I encounter girls who do not like them. Shopping, Diamonds as they say are girl’s best friend and stress reliever and they are! This two can never be separated when referring to girls.

I went to Manila to spend my vacation there and I really had fun! Those times wherein you don’t have any problem to think of? but just going out every day and night to chill with friends, it was really a joy.

DAY 1: I arrived at Manila early in the morning from a long hours of trip, then took a cab, took a nap a bit then I went out right away for shopping! haha 😀 I didn’t waste a single hour of it! I went to Zara and The Ramp Crossings and got this Heel-Less Spiked shoes from Tonic Shoes. Check their page on Facebook by clicking  this link. Tonic Bag and Shoes. They’ve got variety of designs where you can choose from.


SAM_4641SAM_4642And for my OOTD! 😀 I wore something casual and comfortable clothes since I knew that I’ll be doing lots of walking and window shopping. 🙂

bSAM_4630aMeanwhile, my friends and I went to Starbucks to catch up, and bonding at the same time. Those endless stories made my day.

535778_10200372713274008_1265134929_ndand don’t forget to hype this on Lookbook.nu by clicking this link Easy Does It.

a1so? thank you for reading, I’ll be posting more of my Manila trip. 🙂 have a good day everyone! 🙂


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