Ok, i confess. I’ve grown maliciously addicted to blogs.


I go on reading frenzies that take up an enormous amount of time, finding myself in the midst of a jungle of words and images, only realizing hours later that I’ve totally missed my work. Link after link after link after link (I’m telling you, its a never ending process). In fact it’s gotten so out of hand that I constantly find myself dreaming about the lives of my favorite bloggers (for shame!) and actually imagining what they sound like, dress like, eat like and like like. I know this might seem disturbing, but there’s actually a fine line between brilliance and creepy shit. Mine, hopefully, you’ll find bordering on brilliance.

You see, it’s actually a really amazing process.

You know how people are grossly enamored by reality shows? Well that’s because each of us only gets ONE chance at life, no reruns, making it hard to take daring risks and life changing decisions. Reality TV brings out all those “what ifs’” and “What could have beens” we keep under our pillows at night. You get to experience how people totally different from you live. From a distance, miles and miles away being only connected by a television set, allows us to take without any vulnerability involved. The principle is more or less the same for blogs.

It’s like reading your way through a reality show, only you can stop (and skip) the parts you don’t like, or go over and over those you cant seem to let go of. The best part is that reading allows you to play with your imagination, and mix up certain aspects (like adding yourself to the picture HAHA) to create an entirely different feel or an entirely different story.

Its AWESOME, and its awesomeness is ruining my life!

But… you know what they say. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

and now for my outfit post? 🙂




[ Envelope Bag: Vintage, Bangles: from a local boutique, Eye wear: Rayban, Top turned dress: Forever 21, Earrings: from a local boutique, Heels: Thrift Shop ]


something like projecting the casual vibe without looking too lazy. Comfy-drapey outfits in luxe fabrics like silk or cotton jersey give off a relaxed but seductive air— perfect for a stroll in fashionable way. You can strut your stuff in any style. Looking tres chic has never felt this effortless. 🙂 🙂 🙂


so? don’t forget to hype this in my lookbook account. 🙂 just click this link Addicted.

and view and hype my other look by clicking this this link. Thank you for readiing! till next time. Enjoy your weekend! 😀


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