Most of what you guys seen in my recently looks are special occasion outfits. Cocktail parties, ladies lunches, that kind of thing. But for day to day, I go pretty casual. Lately I’ve been trying to strike a balance between vintage and classic, and over the past few months have been slowly investing in wardrobe pieces that will be in my closet for years to come.

oh, ignore that facial expression. :)

oh, ignore that facial expression. 🙂

Which I have to say, is no easy task for a girl. Being female has it’s perks fashion-wise. We certainly have more options available to us, more colors, textures, embellishments, details. But quality classic items are something that is severely lacking. At least it’s not as easy to come by as quality mens clothing, and we have less options of quality clothing as they do.We’re not supposed to have an article of clothing for decades. We buy quantity, wear something for a season or two, and after that it’s on to the next thing. And of course if you buy trendy fashions you probably don’t want to keep your clothing for decades. There’s vintage, and there’s outdated. Right now it’s a fine line. But classic? I’m into that. Items that existed in yesteryear, and are still obtainable today. Especially the things that cross between the mens and womens department. Straight leg jeans, leather loafers, cable knit pullovers. Finding all these classics has been a bit tedious though. But I guess as someone who has hunted, and worn vintage for years, the challenge is part of the fun. I hate that our options are few and far between, but I love when I find exactly what I’m looking for.

[ Vintage dress from mom. ]

[ Vintage dress from mom. ]

And for my outfit post? I tried to pull over this vintage and classy look. I know it’s kinda risky dressing in this kind of outfit specially if you are living in a rural area. You can’t dress like this while roaming around the town because people might say or think that you are a weirdo, specially if you are living in the province. 🙂 to them? It’s not appropriate. 🙂 If I wear something like this, I know some people may think that  it’s exaggerated. But i think it’s not. 🙂 haha. As what they say if you have the guts to do it, and the confidence plus the perfect body frame? flaunt it. We only live once and I intend to live my life as I please. I don’t care what people think of me. 😛

[ Dress: Vintage, Accessories: from a Local Boutique, Shoes: thrifted, Clutch: New look.

[ Dress: Vintage, Accessories: from a Local Boutique, Shoes: thrifted, Clutch: New look.

This dress is more than 15 years old already. 🙂 yeah, that old. My mom originally owned it. She told me that she wore this during my eldest brother graduation in elementary. 😀 haha. I just added some accessories and did some alterations to make it more fashionable and visually pleasing. so? what do you think?cats4hype this look in, just click this link! Vintage.


thank you for reading. 😀


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