Kookizare x TPC II: Lotus Necklace in Corsage


It’s weird how I happen to notice that I am almost, always wearing dark colors in most of my photos. In fact, I got this upset feeling when I saw that most of my wardrobe is on the black shade (like how many black shorts, pants and skirts do I need in my life? Just kidding). Anyway, like what I said in my previous entry, Kookizare also sent me another handmade statement necklace which I ought to style a different way since I can’t fathom to use both accessories on one post.

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Dead End


Reading all the feedback on last week’s style article was an absolute joy, I am so grateful to witness each time that so many of you take a second to read my thoughts, even if it can be quite a bit and I’m not really a good writer. So yea…

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fun fab finds: VitaE and Fat-out

Introducing to you, a two line of products designed to bring out your best asset, shape and beautiful glow that will make you stand out on the most easiest and convenient way.

Is your skin dull? Bring back youthful glow radiance to your complexion with


Vita-E is a 400 IU softgel capsule that contains Vitamin E that protects the cells against free radicals. It works from the inside, making your skin youthful and glowing as ever. Go E for effortless beauty with Vita E capsules.

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