Into the woods


I think the perfect day for me is when there’s a beautiful warmth from the sun yet a slight chill in the air that you can still snuggle with your friends and enjoy a relaxing afternoon together, plus a camera. My friends and i decided to have a picnic up the north on this amazing natural wonder  where you could run and swim and do whatever you please and there wouldn’t be tourists staring at you wondering if you were bananas.

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2016 is the Year of the Fire Monkey according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, and according to the theory of fashion feng shui, what you wear during this year can help you feel in harmony with yourself and those around you.

The Monkey is considered to signify wit and a great sense of humor.  And translated into the fashion realm, this means people will be drawn to fun and glamorous styles and dress to attract attention.


This feng shui coin pendant is said to symbolize prosperity

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