Kookizare x TPC II: Lotus Necklace in Corsage


It’s weird how I happen to notice that I am almost, always wearing dark colors in most of my photos. In fact, I got this upset feeling when I saw that most of my wardrobe is on the black shade (like how many black shorts, pants and skirts do I need in my life? Just kidding). Anyway, like what I said in my previous entry, Kookizare also sent me another handmade statement necklace which I ought to style a different way since I can’t fathom to use both accessories on one post.

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Dead End


Reading all the feedback on last week’s style article was an absolute joy, I am so grateful to witness each time that so many of you take a second to read my thoughts, even if it can be quite a bit and I’m not really a good writer. So yea…

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