The weather in Isabela is so bipolar right now, one day it feels like summer in September and then it’s as windy and chilly as if you’re in Baguio the next.




This is a total comfort dressing kinda outfit, I know its basic, and I know it’s nothing phenomenal either. But there’s just something about leggings and tank top that is so irresistibly easy and chic. I’m really into dressing simply, I think that the best outfits are always the ones that are totally understated.




tank top: h&m | leggings: Joe’s | snapback: Penshoppe | bag: Guess

Is it a yay or nay? :D

Have a great day everyone!



bricks and bells


Hi everyone! I hope that you, well had a good weekend! Mine was super okay and I had fun, though I still can not get use to the resumption of classes again tomorrow! lol




Let’s talk about my outfit, I am not normally into showing off my arms and getting baked, but heat literally makes me shed off all the other layers that I usually tuck myself into and just get the most out of the sun. We have a fairly mild weather for the moment in Northern Philippines, the sun with a little freshness. It is a pleasure to get dressed, and this is the perfect time to wear my new purchases.




I wore this when I attended a wedding mass last Saturday. Dresses, skirts, crop top and just anything that’s easy and breezy to wear are my current bff’s, anything that’s heavy, black and uncomfortable are all kept hidden inside my closet. Well except for these black shoes and pleated palazzo,, that I need to do something about.


top: H&M | palazzo pants: P square | eyeglasses: Bazaar | enveloped clutch: Bazaar

what do you think? ;)

Goodnight. I’m headed into the void of The Bed That Swallows.

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After a serious long hiatus of posting a OOTD, I am finally back! Yey! (corny) haha! I’ve been juggling my time lately between being serious on school and spending some quality time with my family and friends. And thankfully, my efforts were quite paid.




Anyway, for this look, I decided to bring out my pants as I have been wearing skirt and shorts for the last  weeks or so. I somehow missed the feeling of covering my legs and showing off a only little skin. haha

Oh well? we all have that plain basic leggings that we’re fond of right? I’m sure of that. It’s usually in a black color. It’s that leggings that we can pair with anything, you name it. It’s one of our go-to pieces whenever we’re on those I-have-nothing-to-wear days.




I have 3 that comes only in a black color and like I said, I can basically wear it with anything. It’s simple enough that it goes easily well with whatever I pair it with, some has this little sheer detail that makes it far from plain.


top: Promod | leggings: Seductions | heels: Luxary Mall | cuff: Landmark

so okay, I’ll make this blog post short and sweet. Just let me know what you think of my outfit. :)

Honestly? I only wore this ensemble because I was a bit lazy to find something to wear today. hahaha :D



Anyway, I need to go now, bye!okay? :)





They say, in order to live a happy life we must always seek to obtain balance. We live in a world where we are obliged to choose between what we want and what we think is right. And to keep the balance we must always choose the obvious.




Frustration happens when restrict ourselves from chasing after our hearts’ desires. We tend to seek for other things that would make us happy, but at the end of it all, the pain would always come back.

 Balance was supposed to be the key to happiness, but now it’s almost part of what locks us from where we are standing today.


Okay, that was full of emotions, forgive me! Hahaha. Let’s talk about what I wore before I’ll get you bored. When I first laid my eyes on this orange top with sequined collar, I instantly grabbed it and fell in loved with it. I’m not much of a playful person when it comes to fashion, my style is very basic and a little conservative sometimes, but somehow, there’s this weird energy in me lately that’s been telling me to veer away from the usuals and just go and experiment.




Also, I’m the kind of person who has favoritism over her belongings. I have 5-10 pieces of clothing/shoes/accessories that I like to call my uniforms, these are the things that I wear almost everyday until they worn out. I’m not the type of person who plans outfits ahead of time. I am perpetually late so I usually just roll to the first piece of clean clothing that I could find. And that explains why I’m almost wearing the same things and same colors everyday, so forgive me for wearing repetitive clothes and shoes sometimes.



I know my choices in clothing have been a roller coaster lately. But who can blame me? Aside from the bipolar weather, I feel like my dressing up behavior is quite jammed up lately. Experimenting, not experimenting then more experimenting, weird I know, but I guess this is one of the early quarter life dilemmas that I have to face.

PicMonkey Collage

top: Eight (Mart-One Dep’t Store) | leggings: Seductions | eyeglasses: Sidewalk

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Thank You for reading. ;)




Fashion loves a throwback. By the time we’re done and ready to retire our old clothes, a seminal comeback by either a trend or an item of clothing is bound to catch us off-guard. Much to the dismay of those who believe that less is more, fashion seems to be embracing a certain air of modesty by way of the maxi skirt.994495_10200615764771393_325325922_n1999025_10200615767571463_1664032560_nI love this maxi skirt so much that I didn’t even hesitated to get it the first time I saw it. I love the pleated details and the perfect right length of it, long enough that will give you a lady like appeal and it exudes enviable elegance.

1059169_10200615765011399_215922611_n1069350_10200615763931372_749955074_na69241_10200615764291381_1995507576_n123993299_10200615762371333_315312751_nJust pair it with a perfect top and you’re good to go! Perfect! :)

1069350_10200615763931372_749955074_npage2993076_10200615764531387_174379327_n            Sleeve Less Top: Bayo | Maxi Skirt: Meg | Accesorries: Bazaar finds

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