I did some major cleaning in my room and I have to say that sometimes the best things in life are just there right beside us or maybe just hiding somewhere deep inside our closets. Say this amazing dress which I bought last year and found out hiding in my closet which I think is suitable for the weather here in the Philippines. I feel like I need more breeze and color in my outfit since summer was starting to get more hotter.




How’s your week so far? how’s your Holy week? Mine was just okay and fine. A week of staying at home and I already feel like I’ve mastered the art of doing nothing. The repetitive job of waking up, having brunch and coffee and a continuous Nina Dobrev’s TVD marathon might sound boring to some but I actually enjoyed it.




And just to spice up my life a bit, I sometimes trade my bed for a little bit of dressing up game and OOTD shoots to kill my time. Surely, nothing beats the comfort of just being lazy (and that includes not ironing clothes), but I wonder how long could I keep up with this kind of routine? the burden of not having summer classes.


dress: thrifted | purse: Newlook | pearls: mom’s collection | watch: Guess


Anyway, gotta go. Bed is waiting for me, and oh? HAPPY EASTER!!!!! :)

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For us catholic, Lenten season is one of the highlight of our faith as a daughters and sons of God. The Holy week, the final week of the Lent season and the final week of Jesus Christ’s life on earth leading to the crucifixion, and more importantly, the resurrection. It is God’s grace for the salvation of mankind. The single most important observance on the Christian calendar. I’m taking a break from blogging at the moment for reflection and will be back next week with another OOTD post. May you have a meaningful and solemn observance of  Holy week my Christian readers.

credits to owner of the photo: Flickr





I could never really describe how hot it is in Philippines right now, the weather as I always say is unbearable at all levels. Layering and heavy clothes are not really what can recommend at the moment and that the only thing that I really want to do is to stay in bed with AC turned on and drink a really cold smoothie.




So anyway, on with the outfit, I wore a really light a breezy crochet top because of the various reasons stated in the beginning of this post and matched it with an black skirt because well, that’s the first thing I saw inside my closet. I wanted to achieve that “summer glow” look but I guess I need to exert more for that to happen. HAHA!




Okay, I know that my “bra” is showing off again, a choice wherein it can make or break your outfit. My original plan was pairing it with a black spaghetti tank top as my undergarment to avoid my bra showing off but… since it’s scorching hot and layering was not a good idea for ME, and I wanted to feel breezy as well so I opted not to use it anymore, so blame the weather!!! kidding. Anyway, I always have this kind of dilemma on what kind and color of undergarment I should have on when wearing a sheer top. Since I’m wearing a blue sheer top, I decided to use a black bra to balance it all out to complete the look and it matched my skirt as well. What do you think? Do you guys encounter these problems too? Any tips?

I would like to hear them.

top: Anne’s Closet | skirt: Thrifted | sunglasses: Rayban Signet | heels: Gibi


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Sometimes I get completely obsessed with a non fictional character from a book or a movie. It’s always from a romance of course, my favorite type of movie/book. The character is always a type of man that all women dream of having.  A man who loves with his heart and soul. And when I experience a character like this, I get completely obsessed with them.


cats (2)


Silly things, like imaging a love so strong. Imagining if I were the girl in the movie and how my life would be. Or how it would feel to be loved so deeply by someone. It’s nice to step away from reality for one moment. That’s what I call my happy place and the song I posted in my last post helps me get there. But just like when the song ends, my happy place comes to an end and I’m snapped back into my harsh reality.



sorry for pounding you with my narcissistic photos, I was bored. :)


Meanwhile, here are some of my recently purchases. My inner shopaholic was triggered again, and I can’t wait to wear them!



Okay, BYE!




Reunions, such occasions become rarer as we get older, opportunities that comes only with special birthday events, weddings, or just a simple gathering.




Life goes on, as the mind wanders with reflections on how time goes by so swiftly, such that in too many instances, before we get to realize each priceless moment, such moments would be gone and would not last forever. That’s why we must treasure each moment, set aside pride and prejudice, learn to love more and to judge less.


Anyways, we went to a resort for a mini family gathering since my cousin from Taiwan went home. Since we’re not busy and it was Sunday, so… family day! :)




For my look, I just want to look casual. I’ve used this top, the snapback cap and bag once and it was at the time when I went to a reunion too. After 3 months, I’m taking it out for another #OOTD. One of the many reasons why I can’t seem to let some of my clothes go is because apart from its (sentimental?) value, I find ways to use them again. After all, I think style isn’t solely about trends, what’s hot and whatnot. It is about identity; finding who you are through the clothes you wear.



top: 99 store (similar here) | shorts: Aeropostale | shoes: Sole | bag and cap: similar (here)

what do you think?

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These are just bunch of pictures I had on my camera that I decided to post. Basically, just to once again explain my absence. I wanted to post my next OOTD but due to some circumstances of which I don’t know why? this random pictures won it’s right to be publish. lol Maybe I just find it too redundant of posting OOTD’s over and over again, I want some variety for this blog so to break the monotony. Here it is!


I took this photo while travelling home after going to the city. I love how those trees are perfectly planted vertically. 


One of my all time favorite chocolate! TOBLERONE! :D


My trusted friends! hahaha. I’m not really into lipsticks so I only have few of them. But? these are indeed trustworthy! 


Qoute of the day? I tried editing one, so I came up with this. :p


Random photo I took when my friends and I ate at “Pintag” I will blog about it soooon! Just read what’s written in the poster and you’ll know why I took it! I find it funny! lol


Welcome signage between Cagayan and Isabela Provinces of the Philippines. They are just approximately 50 meters apart. lol


I took this photo as result of boredomness. lol


Random stolen shot while waiting for our orders. 


I know these are not really the best photos you’ve seen or photography worthy but i just want it to share to you guys. I love taking photos, as much as reading books. I love appreciating photos cause I do believe that every photos there’s a story tell.

Time flies so fast and in due time, this photos will never be the same again by the time you took it. Create a memory by taking photos no matter how randomly it is.

so.. click! click! click!

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Have a happy weekend everyone!




Who says you can’t have fun in the sun? Go ahead! You’ve been wanting to do it, haven’t you? Spend summer or spring somewhere you can relax. Let go of your burdens and school loads!




Bring out the beauty, vibrance and charm young ladies like you possess.

dress: Guess | flower crown: bazaar find | platform slipper: Old Navy





I’m definitely settled in now and most importantly…… dun dun dunnnnnnnnn! SCHOOL is over. Yay! I love this photos so much and I enjoyed when we shoot it, even though it’s scorching hot that time. About my outfit? I just made it all simple for now, flower crown, plus halter white dress. Perfect for the hot weather.

What do you think? :)

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