Dine: Caffe Zicarelli

I was bored the other day and I decided to go out and headed to the city to unwind since the past few days has been toxic for me academically speaking. It was our prelim exam. I travelled almost an hour coz I felt that I really needed to unwind, and shopping is the only therapy that came to my mind, and of course…

What’s the best way to do and to end your day after roaming around the city and after the impromptu OOTD shoot? Yes, you’re right! EAT!

I’m not a food blogger or whatever you may call it that has something to do with food but I’m sharing with you this local restaurant I found interestingly which was located at the mall and gave it a try since we were there already and we no longer need to go any further to look for a restaurant, and I got curious as well on what do they serve.



I know it sounded Italian, that’s one of the first things I noticed at. I’m a fan of pasta and pizza and the thought of the resto having an Italian name excites me.




Whenever I dine outside, or trying a new restaurant.. Interiors and the totally of the ambiance would always be my priority next to the food. I don’t know, I always have this thought in my mind that when the ambiance is good, the more I will enjoy my food. haha but yea.. that’s just me being weird. LOL!


I love the rustic vibe interiors of this resto, and some old memorabilia like pictures and collections (I believed) were posted and displayed on the wall which complements the whole  rustic slash classic vibe and ambiance of the place.

r2*one of the pages of their menu that I took a photo with*

r4*Spareribs with Rice Meal*

My brother ordered this one, he finds it too salty though. But he finished it all and nothing was left. haha

r10*Panna Cotta Original*

This was the only thing I liked from what we ordered! lol Who doesn’t love desserts? Though I’ve tasted better Panna Cotta’s before in compared to this.. but this is commendable. What I like about their Panna Cotta is that, it’s not really that sweet. I just love the balance of it’s sweetness.

r3*Cheese Burger with Carbonara and Chicken Roulade*

This is what I ordered, and so far… so good. :) I love the cheese burger but I’m not a really a fan of their Carbonara, there’s just too much Parmesan on it.


Overall, I enjoyed it.. 7/10! if I would rate it :) I would recommend it esp. to my readers who lived from Cagayan Valley Region, just in case you will be here around Isabela. Give it a try and discover it more for yourselves. And they also serve coffees, pizza and frapps and cakes too! :) They are located at ground floor of the Northstar Mall.


Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek of my OOTD that we took on the same day that will be feature next on the blog.


Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :)




Hello guys. How’s your weekend been going? I hope you’re having fun as much as I do. Well, I’m not really doing anything special but I guess just being in touch with your love ones is the best feeling a person can get. :)


I woke up very early to finish this post that is supposedly due last week, that’s why I’m here blogging on a Monday morning! haha. This is going to be a very quick post as I am going to prepare for my school later. Sorry for lack of post, I’ll try to post more often this coming week! :) Thank you readers for staying with me.. for constantly reading my complains and my dramas! lol Seriously guys, thank you very much for all the support! *virtual hug*




Now, on my outfit.

Now that summer is nearly backing off, :) I choose to wear this printed and colorful dress when we went to church last week because I will be going to miss summer soon. This dress is just perfect and I’m loving its vibrant colors.  It reflects the sunlight and its giving you an extra boost of energy. The reason I think most fashionistas love wearing bold colors during summer.




dress: Mart One | heels: Gibi | sunglasses: Bazaar | bag: thrifted

So there’s my post for today. What do you think?

I’m laughing now.. I know it’s nonsense.

but, hope you all enjoyed!

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Rebel in floral.


Someone told me that being with me is like being on a bumpy roller coaster ride. One day I would be fully energized and be as high as the stars and the next day my mood would be down as the sole of my shoes.




Bipolar like the weather, like Indian summer in the middle of the winter and hard candy with a surprise center (Thank you Katy Perry for that idea), there are always these things about me that I never publicize and probably leave to the observant people to know. And when they do, they give their own black and white judgements, that would either (and always) be satisfying or downgrading.




Today, I cannot say that I have fully recovered from my own asylum of doubts, but good news and good companies are always there to bring me back to my lucid state. And though I have my hot and cold persona, I’m always proud to say that I never give up and that my dreams will always be bigger than my fears.




floral top: P.Square | palazzo pants: P. Square | hat: Mix and Style | gold slippers: Leaveland

Anyway, what do you think of this look? :)

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April. xx

There’s no stopping me right now


When I tell people that I blog about fashion or when my friends will stumbled upon my blog or my Instagram feed,  I get these random comments about styling and such. Most of them would usually ask me on what looks good on them but I just give them the usual “what do you like wearing?” answer. I may have been blogging almost a year, visiting style.com website whenever I have free time, but I still don’t consider myself as a master of another person’s personal style. For me, dressing is all about wearing what you want and being comfortable in what you wear.




In my case, I live in a place where the sun shines 95% of the time or on a bipolar mood weather, but I like pretending that the temperature is lower by 10 degrees, so I wear whatever I want to wear and whatever my mood will sets me to wear. I am also aware of the fact that I don’t have a flawless legs and skin but hey, this won’t stop me from wearing cropped tops and skirt and I don’t care. Because I am more comfortable wearing skirts and shorts than covering my legs in pants. I once was this person who overly cares on what people are gonna say, but then I realized that style is gets less authentic when we allow ourselves to be influenced too much. And however cliche it may sound the only style advice that I could give is to love yourself and be yourself.


top: P.Square | skirt: Mango | watch: Guess | Accessories: Rose Shopping


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Happy weekend everyone!






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APRIL.xx :)

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I can only remember two things that I dreamed of as a child: to eat fast-food everyday and sleep whenever I wanted. No career. No husband and kids. No big house. Just those two things.

By 19, I’d achieve those dreams. They didn’t really feel so much like achievements until I thought of it. I’m almost 2-ish now. Things have changed a lot. That’s the funny thing about dreams that no one ever tells you, they do come true as countless stories tell you, then life moves on.





Month of July went by just like that. My brother and his family went home from UAE. I assisted and helped my another brother organizing my niece christening, and of course balancing my school obligations, meaning I had to study, wasn’t even able to go out really, because all of my schedules are pretty locked –up.

So, finally had time to post again! This was really scheduled to be up last week, but due to some circumstances, I wasn’t able to post this.




I wore this look when I attended my niece christening last month, I really had a hard time choosing on what to wear. Do you also experience those scenarios wherein you don’t have anything good to wear despite having bunch and piles of clothes in your closet? Haha, that happens to me all the time. So what I did, after the baptism ceremony, while waiting for other visitors going to the reception, I rushed into a local store and searched for something that is good enough to my liking. It was fast and super rushed and the next thing I know, I’m already wearing it. :) hahaha.


I really have a thing for maxi skirts right now, I keep on buying maxi’s after maxi’s. I don’t know why. I always feel comfortable when wearing it, so maxi’s will always be my style savior.

white sheer top: Thrifted | blue maxi skirt: Baisu Trendy Sia’p | black flat shoes: Leaveland

What do you think? ;)

Here are some of the photos in my niece celebration.








Fashion Tip: Types of Necklines

Hello guys! I apologized about my absence in blogosphere lately as I have been super busy in school and I helped my brother to organize my niece christening. It was fun though, and it has been a great experience organizing.

I posted about How to Accessorize in my blog before, and promised to update it on how to know which necklace shapes go best for different necklines.

When it comes to wearing necklaces, necklines matter. And it can go two ways. Your outfit can look:

1) Effortless and/or cool or

2) Tactless and/or forced.

But not to worry, since I’ll give you a lowdown on what jewelry goes best with what neckline! . There are generally about eight different necklines to work with in fashion styles. I found the image above from Meriam Webster’s visual dictionary, which does a fantastic job in explaining words with illustrations and pics!

file (1)

Plunging neckline:

A plunging neckline, believe it or not, usually does not fare well with a necklace even though there’s a lot to bare. It takes away from the outfit, which is already a statement. Instead, skip the necklace like Natalie Portman did in 2005 and accessorize with rings, earrings, bracelets, hair/head bands or barrettes.

Sweetheart neckline:

A sweetheart neckline gives a lot of room to work with since the shoulders are also bare. It’s a flirty style and looks great with a short bib necklace, chunky necklace, pendant necklace, and it can be simple or bold. Reese Witherspoon decided to go with a simple statement necklace, and it looks lovely on her!

V-shaped neck:

A V-shaped neck always looks sweet with a Y-shaped necklace, pendant necklace, or a cascading necklace that follows the V shape like the Pink Trifecta Flower Necklace below!

Square neck:

A square neck dress or top looks perfect with short layered chains, a dainty necklace, or a short chunky necklace that creates a structured round curve to complement and balance the square shape.

Bateau neck:

The bateau neck covers you up on top, so you want to go the opposite with a long necklace–layered or single.

Draped neckline:

A draped neckline paired with a necklace can look like too much is going on, so if you must, opt for a short dainty necklace.

Round neck:

Just like the bateau neck, a round crew neck style covers up the neck. A short necklace can compete with the neckline so you want to go the opposite with a long necklace. Go with a long pendant necklace or one with charms or tassels dangling at the ends and you’ll be ready to go out the door in no time!

*AGAIN THESE ARE JUST GUIDELINES. Ultimately style and accessorize accordingly and make your own rules.


APRIL.xx :)