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Hi everyone! I hope that you, well had a good weekend! Mine was super okay and I had fun, though I still can not get use to the resumption of classes again tomorrow! lol




Let’s talk about my outfit, I am not normally into showing off my arms and getting baked, but heat literally makes me shed off all the other layers that I usually tuck myself into and just get the most out of the sun. We have a fairly mild weather for the moment in Northern Philippines, the sun with a little freshness. It is a pleasure to get dressed, and this is the perfect time to wear my new purchases.




I wore this when I attended a wedding mass last Saturday. Dresses, skirts, crop top and just anything that’s easy and breezy to wear are my current bff’s, anything that’s heavy, black and uncomfortable are all kept hidden inside my closet. Well except for these black shoes and pleated palazzo,, that I need to do something about.


top: H&M | palazzo pants: P square | eyeglasses: Bazaar | enveloped clutch: Bazaar

what do you think? ;)

Goodnight. I’m headed into the void of The Bed That Swallows.



Fashion tips: How to accessorize

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I have to admit; that sometimes I’m always confused about accessorizing. We all know that over accessorizing can ruin the perfect outfit, or it can either make or break an outfit. So, we have to learn how to accessorize with the right amount of pieces and boldness to create an appealing effect.

So, here are the tips I found over the inter-webs and I summarized it for everyone who are still confused. I know, you’d want to read these tips. :)

1. Think of your body in three different sections.

from head to neck, neck to waist, and waist to feet. When someone looks at you, these are the main portions that they see. Accessorizing each of these sections properly is extremely important when going for the wow factor.

2. Think about all of the accessories that could go in one section.

From head to neck, there could be a hat, headband, earrings, sunglasses and necklace. From neck to waist: a necklace, bangles, belt and handbag. From waist to feet: a belt, anklet and shoes.

3. Choose one significant piece that you would like to wear in each section.

For example: a thick, bright headband; a large satchel purse; and yellow wedges with a straw heel.

4. Make all of the other accessories in each section count, but downplay them.

Instead of bold earrings, try simple hoops or studs. Leave out the bulky belt. Stick to one or two thin bangles. Wear only a thin anklet with your wedges. Each of these pieces accents the bolder pieces without competing with them

Nobody wants to look like a walking talking jewelry box so follow Coco Chanel’s advise: “Take one thing off before leaving the house.” It’s all about balance. When wearing a statement necklace for example, it’s best to avoid big chunky and bold earrings- because it might look too heavy, overpowering and over crowded.

Another important thing to remember is to choose the accessories that complement the outfit. Come up Wouk a central theme and work with that.

My major stressor is mixing metals: ie. gold with silver, gold w/ rose gold, etc. So I make sure when I wear silver hardware it stays consistent and also when things are mixed and matches in such a bad way. Whether it’s with patterns, prints, styles, or colors, make sure your ensemble looks cohesive as a whole. Shoes, bags, and accessories should go with the look you are going for. So, for example, delicate looking jewelry with a soft feminine dress and graceful looking shoes. Some contrast and pops of color can be attractive, but don’t over do it.

Try the mantra “aim for simple elegance” to avoid over accessorizing. Looking too busy, over crowded or tawdry with your accessories is never in style. Embellish your eco-friendly clothing with a few main complimentary pieces.

here’s a guide,

from: Krisi Miller

from: Krisi Miller

Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 5.15.23 PM

from: Krisi Miller

from: Krisi Miller

from: Krisi Miller

Did these visual help?

Also know which necklace shapes go best for different necklines :)

I will discuss it on my next post. :) Stay tuned!


APRIL.xx :)


Net-A-Porter X Sugar For Spike Giveaway

The development of buying clothes online has particularly become very popular. There are numerous varieties and opportunities which have their distinct sites on web where you can buy the items from their latest collections.

Among those websites, Sugar for Spike, a new Singapore based brand caught my attention because they will be selling inexpensive yet stylish clothing as they launch their debut collections.

Few of my favorites from their editorial lookbook are the following:






Sugar For Spike is pleased to announce the release of its debut collection editorial lookbook.

The inspiration behind the lookbook comes from two friends, looking for an escape from the perfectionism and commercialism of their city, where they stumble into a “secret” underground hangout to have a little carefree fun.

Dancing and twirling throughout the night, and forgetting who they are and what the world deems as appropriate behaviour, they end up discovering that the liberation from the night out will be one of the memories they will treasure about their youth.

The collection is slated to release at select retailers and online at on 7th August 2014. The line is also available for pre-order now, with free international shipping. Closing date for pre-orders is 10th July 2014.

and now here’s the good news! :D


I was kindly contacted by Sugar for Spike to spread the news that they will be giving away 5 x $100 Urban Decay vouchers!

what can you say? :D

I myself already joined a giveaway contest before and luckily I won. So, I tell you.. the feeling is wonderful and surreal.

If you want to join, you can enter here and click this link

C’mon, give it a try, who knows? you might be one of the lucky 5!






After a serious long hiatus of posting a OOTD, I am finally back! Yey! (corny) haha! I’ve been juggling my time lately between being serious on school and spending some quality time with my family and friends. And thankfully, my efforts were quite paid.




Anyway, for this look, I decided to bring out my pants as I have been wearing skirt and shorts for the last  weeks or so. I somehow missed the feeling of covering my legs and showing off a only little skin. haha

Oh well? we all have that plain basic leggings that we’re fond of right? I’m sure of that. It’s usually in a black color. It’s that leggings that we can pair with anything, you name it. It’s one of our go-to pieces whenever we’re on those I-have-nothing-to-wear days.




I have 3 that comes only in a black color and like I said, I can basically wear it with anything. It’s simple enough that it goes easily well with whatever I pair it with, some has this little sheer detail that makes it far from plain.


top: Promod | leggings: Seductions | heels: Luxary Mall | cuff: Landmark

so okay, I’ll make this blog post short and sweet. Just let me know what you think of my outfit. :)

Honestly? I only wore this ensemble because I was a bit lazy to find something to wear today. hahaha :D



Anyway, I need to go now, bye!okay? :)



Fashion tip: How to become taller without wearing 4″++ heels.

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You can avoid wearing high heels and still look taller than you are by dressing correctly and following a few useful tips.

Here are 10 ways that you can make yourself look taller without hobbling around on high heels:

Stand up straight.

Posture makes an unbelievable difference when it comes to looking taller. So, to add inches to your height, put those shoulders back and stop slouching.

Show off your arms.

When you are petite, one way to look taller is to make your limbs look longer. With this in mind, choose pieces which have shorter sleeves to make your arms look longer and more elegant.

 Wear block colours.

Wearing a skirt and top in the same colour, or throwing on a solid colour maxi dress even, can elongate your figure. As colours are not separating your top and bottom halves, you will automatically look longer, leaner and taller.

Match tights with shoes.

Matching black tights with black shoes is a look that goes with virtually everything, but other colours may be trickier to match. This look works in the same way as wearing block colours, as there is no ‘cutoff’ line between leg and foot. This makes legs look longer and leaner.

Avoid baggy clothing.

Anything that is too loose-fitting or baggy will swamp a petite frame and make you look shorter and also wider. The exception to this rule is a maxi dress, which can work well to add the appearance of height and length if chosen in a well-fitted, frame-flattering style.

Wear V-necks.

A V-neck creates a vertical look that can make you look taller, with the added bonus of making your neck look longer.

Avoid big bags.

Carrying around an oversized bag can make you look tiny in comparison. So, choose a bag that is proportional to your height, using the general rule that your handbag should be no bigger than the distance between bust and hip.

Wear vertical lines and avoid horizontal lines.

Stripes are a big trend for this season, but petite ladies should make sure their stripes are going in the right direction. A maxi dress with vertical stripes will draw the eye up and down to add height, but one with a horizontal line pattern will only add width.

Choose small patterns.

If block colours aren’t your thing, stick to clothes which feature small patterns and details. These will add interest to an outfit without reducing your height.

Try wedges.

If you don’t want to wear heels but you need a height boost for a special occasion, try a pair of low-heel wedges. These will give the height you want, but will be comfortable and practical to wear.

Hopefully that helped you.


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There are times when we try to fight hard in order to have the things that we always want. We let go of our pride and just do whatever it takes to be understand the confusion brought to us by the happiness we once found. People will try to put us down and use our mistakes to make us feel helpless. But in the end we realize that however we wanted to change ourselves into something smaller than what we used to be and no matter what other people say, the real us will always shine.




Okay, so much of that.. I’m rambling again. LOL and like what my shirt says “CHILL”  :) I’m wearing some of my old clothes that I found hiding in my closet which I think are all suitable for the weather. It still hot (as in summer hot) here in Philippines and I was feeling like I need more breeze in my outfit to make me cool that’s why I came up with this, or maybe I’m just lazy to dress up that day. LOL

What do you think? :)



top: P. Square Boutique | shorts: Coco shorts | sunglasses: Centro Dep’t Store | ring: Unisilver | pumps: Gibi

Thank you guys for reading.

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Last days


I know it’s been a week since I last blogged and I suck for that. But anyway, its JUNE again, which means? Start of another school semester, and GOODBYE summer vacation… :(




Yeah, so that’s me again being simple and wearing a maxi dress as I bid my farewell to summer. I was actually thinking of wearing a blazer that day but good thing I didn’t because it was too hot outside. And you wouldn’t really want to hear me complain about the weather because I can go nonstop and it can get really tiring. The summer’s heat is nearing to an end which gives us a reason to go back to layers.  Thank God! and I just recently embarked another semester for college; walking the halls and finding my way to class while keeping myself as nonchalant as possible.  I’m now getting a glimpse of myself trying to juggle school with blogging!  So, hahaha. Anyway, let me know what you think of this outfit, okay?




maxi dress: Mix and Style | floppy hat: Mix and Style | sling bag: Nina |

sandals: Leaveland | sunglasses: Rayban

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Happy Weekend everyone :)



April.xx :)